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Citizen Science- Saving Kuark>

Earlier in 2015 Colour Chorus headed out with Producer Sam Hoffmann to Kuark Forest in Far East Gippsland, Victoria. Kuark is an endangered old growth forest in line to be logged. Fortunately for Kuark a committed group of Citizen Scientists are fighting for the protection of the forest through the monitoring and documenting of its many endangered flora and fauna species. We filmed in Kuark forest over two days, capturing it’s breathtaking natural beauty and interviewing the citizens fighting for it’s protection. Several stories and edits were made from the footage filmed at Kuark. It was screened on ABC as a feature news item while a cinema version screened at a variety of festivals around the country. The State Library of Victoria also ran a piece on their ‘Australian Learning Lecture’ website focusing on the topic of joy and data relative to citizen science.

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