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Melbourne Producer Ross Close approached David Franjic of Colour Chorus to film the first episode of the a new series titled Food Bowl. The series focused on the topic of food security in the developing world. However Ross adopted a unique approach to this science/agriculture genre, bringing a fresh and youthful energy to these topics by weaving them into a travel adventure format. Each episode took place in a different township, in a different country and first off was the stunning Luang Prabang situated on the Mekong River in Laos. It all began with a buffalo muster which saw surrounding villages heard their livestock to a central location for immunisation. It was colourful and chaotic and certainly kept us on our toes! It was also the perfect introduction to an adventure that saw us filming elephants by the Mekong, giving alms to the monks at dawn, cooking Laotian with locals, wandering through Teak plantations, hiking mountains, canoeing down rivers, helping one sick puppy and of course learning a whole lot about food security in Laos in the process.




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