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Motorworld Intro

With cable TV’s Motorworld eager to relaunch and re-brand itself, a new intro piece, stings and credits were in order. Then Producer of Motorworld Matt DeAngelis had an exciting and energetic concept that involved rustling twelve super cars into a warehouse in Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

Movement and energy were key to a scenario that essentially involved twelve idle supercars sitting in a warehouse. Dolly Tracks were laid out and a routine set of movements were made for the shooting of each car. The concept was to jump cut between six race ready super cars and their six road going supercar counterparts. For this reason, camera movements had to be precise from race car to road car. In addition we also shot a collection of hand-held close ups and textures to help boost energy in the cut.

With shooting behind us we headed into post-production. A music track had already been chosen so a tempo for the piece was easy to establish. We cut from race car to road car, building in energy excitement, working towards a crescendo. The edit worked well, and it was reassuring to see race and road cars cutting so seamlessly between one another. The edit was handed over to motion graphics designer Drew Grimmit, whose graphic, grading and compositing work on the edit took it to a new level. Drew’s work gave the intro titles energy, edginess and a sharp kick of adrenalin. It was the ideal re-branding that would help Motorworld reconnect with its key demographic of motoring and motorsport enthusiasts.