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Museum Victoria Classroom Series

Museum Victoria- Classroom Series
Museum Victoria

Over the past two years Colour Chorus has worked on a diverse and exciting range of short documentary projects with Museum Victoria. The collaboration between Colour Chorus and Museum Victoria has seen us explore a whole range of interesting topics across a variety of documentary genres. In being approached for their latest series we would once again be exploring new territory, heading into primary and secondary school classrooms across the state to see some of Museum Victoria’s resources in action.

Carlton Gardens Public School

2 Classroom LANDING

The time frame for this fourteen part documentary series was incredibly tight- eight weeks from the start of pre-production through to final delivery. It was important then that we had a fast and efficient workflow that still afforded us the time necessary to develop cohesive and interesting stories with patiently crafted visuals. We pulled together an experienced and enthusiastic team. Jen Brook from Museum Victoria with who we have worked extensively with on past projects would also work closely with our team as a Production Co-Ordinator. Jen’s collaboration with Colour Chorus on this and other projects has been invaluable- her understanding of both the creative process and of Museum Victoria’s needs make the entire production process run incredibly smoothly.

3 Classroom

We spent two weeks in pre-production researching, writing interview questions, scripts, treatments, shot lists, meeting with Museum staff and curators and sorting out logistics. By the time it came around to shooting we had surprised ourselves with just how much had been achieved in such a short space of time.

Similar to pre-production we had allocated ourselves two weeks for the production stage. Following a relaxed first day of shooting at Melbourne Museum it was a short stroll across the road to the Carlton Gardens Public School. Carlton Gardens public school is located in a beautiful old 1800s brick building on Carlton St. The energy inside the building however, is what was most special- excited, happy, sometimes cheeky and always curious children eager to learn more about the world around them. It was also wonderful to see such a strong multi-cultural representation in the classroom; especially so close to the heart of Melbourne. Our following days took us to two high schools, back to Melbourne Museum and across to the Immigration Museum. Much like their primary school counterparts, it was positive to see how engaged the older children were when working with the Museum Victoria resources.

We allocated four weeks for post-production. It was a streamlined procedure with footage being ingested directly after the day’s shooting. From there a narrative assembly based on the script was created for each of the films. Cutaway footage was then put in place, music tracks were chosen and edit points were adjusted according to the music. Our films were then exhibited to Museum Victoria for their first time. They received a fantastic response with everyone loving the films. We then returned to the editing suite and made some small changes before sending the films off to the sound designer to perform a final sound mix. The films were then colour graded and readied for final delivery.

Fourteen films from start to finish in just eight weeks was something of an accomplishment for us, but never did it seem overwhelming. A good relationship and co-operation with museum staff Mirah Lambert and Jen Brook not only ensured smooth sailing but also an enjoyable experience for our team. Importantly, this balance allowed us to produce a series of short educational documentaries that engage and educate its audience. It is a series that we at Colour Chorus are all very proud of.

5 Classroom

6 Classroom

Project:Classroom Series 14 short documentaries
Client: Museum Victoria
Agency: Colour Chorus
Colour Chorus’ role: Pre-production, Production, Post-Production
Camera/s: Shot on RED Scarlet 4k Cinema Camera
Lenses: Canon L-Series 24-70mm and 70-200mm, Tokina 11-16mm purpose