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On the run- Colour Bomb

On the run
Colour Bomb- As seen on ABCs Rage

Busy in the midst of shooting fourteen short documentaries for Museum Victoria, Colour Chorus was fortunate enough to find a free Saturday to film the music video for Colour Bomb’s debut single On The Run.

A crew close to twenty as well as another twenty dancers filled the Northcote town hall. Great detail was put in to the planning of the music video clip by Director Keke Robertson with extensive storyboarding, lighting plans and highly choreographed dance routines all well thought through. The first part of the day was spent setting up the huge grid of lights. The lights would act as both backdrop and as a primary lighting source to help create some stunning and dramatic lighting effects. Dance routines were also rehearsed as well as camera movements and slow motion tests. It was the first time that our RED Scarlet had tackled a music video and the slow motion combined with the high resolution of the RED images was stunning.

Colour Bomb 1

Colour Bomb 2

The extensive storyboard of over 70 shots made for a busy day operating camera. The diversity in camera placement and movements in combination with lighting sequences also kept us on our toes. I think it was fair to say though that no one was kept more on their toes than the dancers themselves who performed their dance routine countless times at a larger than life pace (shooting at 40fps meant that the dancers had to dance far quicker than the music video might suggest). It was great pushing ourselves though, and the incredible lighting threw up many wonderful and surprising results, especially when I was free to roam amongst the dancers with the camera hand-held.

Colour Bomb 3

Colour Bomb 4

Freelance Editor Adam Wright did a fantastic job editing On The Run by Colour Bomb. The single has now experienced a solid run on the ABC’s Rage as Colour Bomb work their way to releasing their debut album early in 2013. We’re looking forward to it.

Colour Bomb 5

Colour Bomb 6

Colour Bomb 7

Colour Bomb 8

Project: On the Run music video
Client: Colour Bomb
Agency: Graphic Obscura
Colour Chorus’ role: Camera Operator
Camera/s: Shot on RED Scarlet 4k Cinema Camera at 3k 40fps (slow-motion)
Special equipment: Shoulder mount used. Dolly. Crane Jib.
Lenses: Using Zeiss CP Primes- 18mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm