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The Great Ocean Road- Tourism Victoria

The Great Ocean Road- Film Series
Tourism Victoria

Portable Studios of Melbourne approached Colour Chorus in interest of producing three short promotional films for Tourism Victoria. The films were to feature the Great Ocean Road with a focus on nature based tourism and the experience of that environment. Looking at a range of locations that Tourism Victoria wanted to feature, it was decided to focus the three films on the ocean, the forest and the drive along the Great Ocean Road. The drive film wasn’t included in initial discussions, instead the film was to focus on the famous locations of Bells Beach and the Twelve Apostles. In looking at a way of tying these two great locations together in a narrative as well as featuring several other locations and experiences, it was decided that we would make a film based on the road trip along the Great Ocean Road. This was to become the feature piece in a series of three promotional films.

1  Great Ocean Road

2  Great Ocean Road

3  Great Ocean Road

4 Great Ocean Road

We were quite fortunate during our four days of shooting along the Great Ocean Road, with weather really only hindering us for half a day. We came well prepared with scripts, shooting lists and storyboards for each of the films, though by the nature of the shoot it was as much documentary as it was fiction. The sheer amount of locations and distance between each made for some very long days (and very tired crew and actors). Though the road trip film had the most locations it also the most lenient of schedules as it was shot over two days, as oppose to one day each for the other films. And true to it’s narrative it really did take on the form of a youthful and energetic road trip as we drove, surfed, hiked, met some koalas and took in the magnificent sites of the Great Ocean Road. The other days spent shooting the forest and ocean films ensured that cast and crew were met with equally as exciting adventures- kayaking with seals (or as it was for our DOP swimming amongst seals while shooting our talent aboard their kayaks), snorkelling, exploring and riding the zip lines high up in the Otway forest canopy. And through all of these experiences we were able to film some incredible scenery. After our final day of shooting in the forest my camera assistant turned to me and said it was a time of many firsts for him- having never experienced many of the activities or seen many of the sites that we had in the past four days. Hopefully tourists visiting the Great Ocean Road and its surround walk away with many new experiences of their own.

5  Great Ocean Road

6  Great Ocean Road

7  Great Ocean Road

The post production stage of The Great Ocean Road Series was carried out at the Colour Chorus Edit Suite. The vision all came together quite seamlessly. It was also a joy putting the footage through a colour grade for the first time as we saw it breathe a new life before our eyes. The music selection process was a little more timely and though we ended up finding tracks for the forest and ocean films we opted to have an original piece composed for the feature Road Trip film. Julian Langdon did a fantastic in composing this piece while Dan McDonald’s sound mix added another dimension to the three films, putting the final polish on The Great Ocean Road series.

Project: The Great Ocean Road Three promotional films
Client: Tourism Victoria
Agency: Portable Studios
Colour Chorus’ role: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production
Camera/s: Sony PMW-F3 Camera, Canon 7D
Special equipment: Glidecam, Ikelite underwater housing.
Lenses: Sony 33mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses. Tokina 11-16mm