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Voices- State Library of Victoria

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Colour Chorus has long collaborated with Melbourne Producer Darren McLeod over a diverse slate of projects. Darren approached Colour Chorus this time around to help produce a series of topical education films for The State Library of Victoria. The short films discuss the impact that data has on making the process of learning more enjoyable, meaningful and essentially more effective. They pack a lot in to their 90 second format, introducing and discussing a broad range of concepts relative to making education accessible for all types of learners. With such a short format central to the messaging of these films it also allowed us to take a more cinematic and stylised approach, connecting passionate ideas and personal anecdotes with an emotive and engaging visual language. The result of this is a series that is connected at its core and that resonates both in the scale of its ideas and the emotive response that it generates within its audience.



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